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Oregon Shakespeare Festival / Ashland Oregon Travel Guide


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How to Get to Ashland, Oregon: Fly or Drive
Ashland Oregon Map

Ashland Oregon Map

TIGER Map Service/U.S. Bureau of the Census
Charters and private aircraft may utilize Ashland - Sumner Parker Municipal Field.

Ashland is easy to reach by driving; it lies right on Interstate 5, the major north-south route through western California, Oregon, and Washington. Ashland is just north of the Oregon-California border.


  • Portland to Ashland - 285 miles
  • San Francisco to Ashland - 380 miles
  • Seattle to Ashland - 460 miles
  • Boise to Ashland - 510 miles.

Because you will reach Ashland by driving through the mountains, it is wise to check mountain pass conditions before cool-season trips.

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