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Great Falls Montana Travel Guide


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Outdoor Recreation in Great Falls
Black Eagle Falls

Black Eagle Falls

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When you think Montana you think outdoor recreation. Great Falls offers its visitors many ways to spend time enjoying the region's natural beauty.

River's Edge Trail
The 30-mile River's Edge Trail connects a number of Great Falls parks and viewpoints, including Black Eagle Falls, Rainbow Falls, Crooked Falls and "The Great Falls of the Missouri" below Ryan Dam. You can enter the trail, which is open for non-motorized forms of recreation, from any of 11 different trailhead parking areas. Just under half of the trail is paved and wheelchair accessible. Detailed maps are available on the River's Edge Trail web site.

Giant Springs Heritage State Park
The Lewis and Clark Expedition spent time at this freshwater springs site, which is one of the largest freshwater springs in the world. Giant Springs Heritage State Park is open for day-use activities such as picnicking, hiking, fishing, boating, and wildlife watching. You can take in views of Rainbow Falls or visit the fish hatchery and visitor center. The Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center is located nearby.

There are several golf courses in the Great Falls area.

  • Anaconda Hills
  • Eagle Falls
  • Emerald Greens

Riverside Railroad Skate Park
Skateboarders and skaters will enjoy this free skate park, which features a series of bowls, a full pipe, half pipes, a clamshell, and a street course.


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