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Whitefish Montana Trip Planner


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Why You Should Visit Whitefish Montana
Downtown Whitefish

Downtown Whitefish, with Big Mountain Resort in the Distance

©Angela M Brown

Vacationing in the Montana outdoors doesn't mean you have to give up your half-caf lattes and high-speed Internet. Whitefish, Montana, makes a great base for multi-day Montana adventures. The mountain town is a casual and friendly place that offers its visitors the perfect combination of small-town charm, big-city amenities, and wilderness adventure.

Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain rises over the community, providing year-round recreation, as well as a variety of lodging and dining options. The west entrance to Glacier National Park is just a short drive away. After spending your days outdoors, hiking or touring the park, you'll be happy to return to Whitefish's comfortable accommodations and fantastic food, wine, and beer. Whitefish Lake, and the nearby Flathead Lake and Flathead River, add to the menu of outdoor fun. The city itself provides a number of activities and attractions, including acclaimed golf courses, live theatre, shopping, and bicycle trails.

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