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Hood River Trip Planner


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Windsurfing in Hood River Oregon
Windsurfer at Hood River

Windsurfer at Hood River

Source: Gorge Games

Between the Columbia River Gorge wind and its currents, Hood River is heaven for windsurfers. Fans come from around the world to partake of the perfect conditions, or to watch the windsurfing and kite sailing action.

Lessons and Outfitters
This directory of resources will help you find new, used, and rental equipment, river guides, lessons, and other Columbia River Gorge windsurfing information.

Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association
One of the largest windsurfing organizations in the United States, CGWA strives to improve conditions and access for wind enthusiasts in the Gorge. They also sponsor a number of meetings, lessons, and events, including the US Windsurfing National Championships in August.

Kitesurfing, also known as kitesailing or kiteboarding, has also become extremely popular in the Columbia River Gorge. These resources will help you find out about how to kitesurf and the equipment required:

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