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Maryhill Museum of Art


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Other Attractions at Maryhill Museum of Art
Map to Goldendale, Washington

Map to Goldendale, Washington

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Maryhill's Other Attractions
Maryhill is worth visiting for reasons besides its excellent art collection. A full-scale Stonehenge replica, the Loops Road, a sculptural overlook, and Lewis & Clark history are among the other compelling attractions.

Maryhill's Stonehenge
Sam Hill had this full-scale replica of England's Stonehenge built as a monument to the Klickitat County soldiers whose lives were lost in World War I. World War II, Korea, and Vietnam memorials are also at the site.

Loops Road
The 3.6-mile Loops Road is open to bicyclists and pedestrians. Sam Hill had a particular interest in road construction; the Loops Road was built in 1907 using seven experimental methods.

Sculptural Overlook
The Maryhill estate is perched on a bluff overlooking the majestic Columbia River Gorge. The sculptural overlook project provides you with the opportunity to view the gorge and Mt. Hood from a variety of vantages. Interpretive panels located near the sculpture share the story of the region.

Lewis & Clark History
Lewis and Clark and The Corps of Discovery set foot on Maryhill's land on April 22, 1806. Interpretive panels in the museum's gardens and galleries inside the museum focus on the expedition.

The museum also offers a cafe, a gift shop, gardens, and a picnic area.

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