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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2014 - A Guide for Visitors


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Flower Fields and Display Gardens at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Tulip Town Windmill - Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

This outdoor display garden and windmill sits at the entrance to Tulip Town's blooming fields and other attractions.

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The fields of flowers are grown in order to produce bulbs - a major industry in the Skagit Valley. In addition to viewing and photographing the fields, Skagit Valley Tulip Festival visitors will enjoy exploring a number of different display gardens and garden centers in order to learn about bulb gardening and purchase bulbs of their own. These include:

Tulip Town: Skagit Valley Bulb Farm
15002 Bradshaw Road, Mount Vernon
Tulip Town offers indoor tulips displays and outdoor display gardens as well as acres of fields that feature an amazing variety of tulips. Tulip Town is a very popular spot to visit, and justifiably so. Not only can you walk around a sea of blooming tulips (in season), you can also take advantage of their gift and bulb shops and snack bars. Those who have trouble getting around can experience the tulip fields aboard a tractor-pulled carriage. Tulip Town's picturesque windmill adds to the photo-taking options. During April, visitors to Tulip Town can also enjoy a wonderful display of kites from professional kite flyers.

Roozengaarde (Tulips.com)
15867 Beaver Marsh Road, Mount Vernon
Stroll through the Roozengaarde show gardens and select which bulbs you want to order for your own yard. Take a family picture at their picturesque windmill or among the blooming tulip maze. Wander among their acres of tulips, with rows of blooms in most colors of the rainbow. While at Roozengaarde, pick up a bunch of fresh-cut tulips or order the bulbs for your favorite variety. During tulip-festival time, a flower tent, picnic shelter, and food vendors are available. The Roozengaarde retail shop sells home and garden items and official Skagit Valley Tulip Festival posters and merchandise, and is open year round.

WSU Discovery Garden
16650 State Route 536, Mount Vernon
Gardeners will enjoy visiting the Discovery Garden at the Washington State University Northwestern Washington Research & Extension Center. Open to the public year-round, the display gardens are designed and maintained by volunteer organizations such as the Master Gardener's Discovery Garden, Skagit Valley Rose Society, and the Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation. Almost 30 different types of gardens are represented, including a native plant garden, a shade garden, a water wise garden, a rose garden, a rhody garden, and a fuchsia garden.

Skagit Valley Flower Field Maps

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