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Food & Drink in the Northwest US

Each state in the Northwest is known for its particular foodstuffs, whether it's Idaho potatoes, Washington apples, Montana cherries, or Oregon wine. The Northwest is a wonderful place for culinary travelers, who can enjoy local specialties at a fine restaurant or a roadside farm stand. Beverages are big, with coffee, microbrews, and wine all vying to satisfy and delight. These resources and information will help you learn about food and drink in the Northwest, including what and where to eat.

  1. Alaska Food & Drink (25)
  2. Idaho Food & Drink (26)
  3. Montana Food & Drink (21)
  4. Northwest Regional Foods (48)
  5. Oregon Food & Drink (63)
  6. Washington Food & Drink (208)
  7. Where to Eat in the NW (5)

Copper River Salmon - What's the Big Deal?
Copper River salmon is a seasonal delicacy prized in the Pacific Northwest. Find out why.

Gifts & Gadgets for Salmon Lovers
Gadgets and gift ideas for people who love to prepare and eat salmon.

Pacific Northwest Cookbook Recommendations
A list of some of the top cookbooks on the market that feature the fresh ingredients of the Pacific Northwest, including berries, seafood, and salmon.

Book Review - West Coast Road Eats
A review of the book "West Coast Road Eats: The Best Road Food from San Diego to the Canadian Border" from your About.com Guide to Northwest US Travel.

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