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Foods from Oregon

Find information about foods grown or manufactured in the state of Oregon.
  1. Northwest Gift Baskets

Eat & Drink in Oregon
The Travel Oregon website provides lots of information for anyone interested in the foods and drinks produced around the state and where you can go to experience them.

Oregon Hazelnuts
The Hazelnut Growers of Oregon offer chocolate-covered hazelnuts, roasted hazelnuts, toffee hazelnuts, and much more at Oregon Orchard, their online store.

Oregon Strawberries
All the reasons why strawberries grown in Oregon are extra yummy.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
With cafes located around Portland, this local coffee roaster prides itself in the quality and uniqueness of its beans.

Tillamook Cheese
Tillamook Cheese is well known throughout the region as a source of superior cheese and dairy products. Their visitor center offers tours, a gift store, and cafe.

Portland Farmers Markets
Schedule and location information for Portland area farmers markets.

Northwest Regional Foods
These resources will help you learn more about the Northwest's regional foods.

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