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Foods from Washington State

Information about food products grown or made in the state of Washington, including smoked salmon, apples, and more.
  1. Northwest Gift Baskets

Food and Drink Tours of Seattle
There are a number of guided tours available in Seattle that focus on the city's great food, wine, and beer.

Apples from Washington
Information and recipes about the juicy red and green fruit most identified with the state of Washington

Washington Apples - Apple Varieties Grown in Washington State
Get descriptions and best use information for some of the more popular varieties of apples that are grown in Washington.

Cougar Cheese - WSU Creamery
Washington State University Creamery's famous Cougar cheese - learn more about it, or order it on-line or by phone.

Odyssey Seafood
Recipes and seafood information, as well as products including "Treasures from the Sea" gift packs.

Port Chatham Smoked Seafood
Smoked salmon and seafoods from the Pacific Northwest - shop on-line or visit the Seattle store.

SeaBear Smokehouse
Delectable smoked salmon for your own recipes or to give as gifts.

Northwest Regional Foods
These resources will help you learn more about the Northwest's regional foods.

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