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Hotels & Lodging in the Northwest US

The Northwest US has a variety of different accommodations to offer visitors, including fine hotels, resort lodges, bed and breakfasts, and cabin rentals. There are full-service resorts where you can enjoy excellent accommodations along with a variety of food and activities, all in one place. There are cozy cabins in remote locations, where you can get away from the fast pace and technology of daily life. You'll find boutique hotels with unique features and appointments that you'll remember for a life time.

These resources and information, including reviews and recommendation lists, will help you find your perfect hotel or lodging in the Northwest US.

  1. Alaska Hotels & Lodging (12)
  2. Idaho Hotels & Lodging (19)
  3. Montana Hotels & Lodging (32)
  4. Oregon Hotels & Lodging (77)
  5. Washington Hotels & Lodging (80)
  6. Wyoming Hotels & Lodging (10)
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