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Northwest Regional Food & Drink

These resources will help you learn more about the Northwest's regional food and drink.
  1. Alaska Foods
  2. Idaho Foods
  3. Montana Foods
  4. Northwest Beer (6)
  5. Northwest Gift Baskets
  6. Northwest Wine (3)
  7. Oregon Foods
  8. Recipes from the Northwest (21)
  9. Washington State Foods

Copper River Salmon - What's the Big Deal?
Find out why why folks in the Pacific Northwest make such a fuss about Copper River salmon.

Guide to Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables in the Pacific Northwest
Learn more about the range of produce grown locally in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and the time of year that they are freshly harvested.

Dungeness Crab
Dungeness crabs live along the Pacific Coast between Alaska and Northern California. This website provides general info about dungeness crab as well as recipes and fishing tips.

Information about these wild mountain blueberries that Northwesterners love to pick and eat.

These popular berries are among the many Northwest favorites that Swedish immigrants brought to the region.

Find out what a Marionberry is, and what makes them so delicious.

West Coast Cooking with Greg Atkinson
The West Coast Cooking web site is stuffed with culinary information from chef Greg Atkinson, including recipes, restaurant recommendations, cookbooks, and culinary school information.

Northwest Pears
A wide range of information about pears, from nutrition and storage, to recipes and varieties.

The Pacific Northwest is famous for its salmon - learn more about this fish and its history in the region.

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