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Current Wildfire Information for the Northwest US

What's Burning Now?


Broadcast fire across a slope

Broadcast fire across a slope

Oregon Dept. of Forestry

Wildfires are a perennial problem in the Northwest. With miles and miles of wilderness, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington get more than their fair share of major forest fires. Lightning ignites most of these fires, but not all. Poorly-attended campfires, train and machinery sparks, and tossed cigarette butts cause no end of problems during the Northwest's dry summer season. Once started, fires are subject to the whims of wind and weather.

Current Northwest Wildfire Locations
Major forest fires always affect regional travel and recreation in the Northwest. Uncontained fires block access to the surrounding area. The reduced visibility and air pollution that result from an active fire can range from inconvenient to life threatening. Even the risk of fire has an impact; camp fires, barbecue grills, and firewood cutting are usually limited or prohibited during the dry summer months.

It's always wise to check on the latest fire situation before embarking on a Northwest wilderness trip. These resources will keep you informed of current wildfire activity in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and other Western states.

The following resources provide additional information about current forest fires and conditions in the Northwestern US.

>> Current Risks & Restrictions
>> Wildfire Preparation & Response

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