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Pacific Northwest Camping

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Pacific Northwest Camping

Pacific Northwest Camping

Moon Outdoors/Tom Stienstra

The Bottom Line

A comprehensive guide to tent and RV campgrounds in Oregon and Washington.
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  • more than 1,500 campgrounds covered
  • informative location maps
  • scenic beauty ratings


  • no campsite photographs


  • Covers campgrounds in both Oregon and Washington.
  • Organized by geographic region.
  • Camping tips include such items as equipment lists, camp ethics, and bear encounters.

Guide Review - Pacific Northwest Camping

Find your perfect Pacific Northwest campground.
Anyone interested in finding a campsite in Oregon and Washington will value this extensive directory. "Pacific Northwest Camping: The Complete Guide to Tent and RV Campgrounds in Washington and Oregon", by Tom Stienstra, organizes the detailed information about over 1,500 campgrounds by geographical region. Every section begins with a map that highlights the location of each campground. Available recreation information heads the directory listings in the form of activity symbols. Location, scenic beauty rating, facilities, fees, directions, and contact information are included for each campground. "Pacific Northwest Camping" also offers a wide range of information of use to campers. Equipment lists, camp ethics, and bear encounters are among the topics addressed.
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