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Bend Oregon Travel Guide


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Where to Eat in Bend, Oregon
Visitors to Bend, Oregon, can enjoy some great food and beer. I can recommend the following:
  • Baltazar's Seafood Ristorante & Spirits- fine Mexican food and cocktails
  • Bend Mountain Coffee - this local coffee spot serves a great breakfast bagel sandwich
  • Deschutes Brewery & Public House - local craft beers and upscale pub food
  • Flatbread Community Oven - yummy casual Italian-style eatery in the Old Mill District
  • Goody's Soda Fountain and Candy - the place for an afternoon treat while shopping downtown
  • McMenamins St. Francis School - this old-Catholic-schoolhouse-turned-brewpub serves tasty food in a casual, funky environment
  • The Crepe Place - choose your own sweet or savory fillings
  • Victorian Cafe - popular breakfast spot known for their eggs benedict

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