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Top 6 Seattle / Tacoma Guide Books


Seattle and Tacoma are a part of large and diverse metropolitan area. There's so much to see and do, it's very difficult to keep up with all the options that are available. These travel guide books will help you find the information and places you seek, including businesses, restaurants, parks, and attractions.

1. Lonely Planet Seattle

"Lonely Planet Seattle" is a thorough guidebook to the city and its diverse neighborhoods. This guide book has a strong, descriptive section that addresses key attractions in the city's many colorful neighborhoods. Readers get the flavor of each district, along with details for the various things to do.
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2. The Food Lover's Guide to Seattle

This guide book is stuffed with the information you need to find the city's best specialty food markets. Katy Calcott, the guide's author and a former cheese shop owner, makes your mouth water and your imagination soar with her detailed market descriptions, culinary lore, and recipes and serving ideas.
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3. DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides Seattle

"Top 10 Seattle: Your Guide to the 10 Best of Everything" is a unique and useful guide to the city of Seattle. The book is filled with "Top 10" lists of places to visit and things to do. Among the lists you'll find detailed descriptions and photos of many local attractions, making it a great book for armchair travelers or anyone thinking about or planning a trip to Seattle.
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4. The Dog Lover's Companion to Seattle

"The Dog Lover's Companion to Seattle," by Steve Giordano, focuses on the region's best places to play with your dog. Parks, beaches, and other recreational areas are described, along with leash restrictions and locations. Pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, and shops are included.
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5. Best Places Seattle

Part of a popular series, this "Best Places" guide focuses on Seattle's best. Restaurants, lodging, and visitor attractions are rated and described in this guide book.
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6. The Stranger Guide to Seattle

Hip Seattle residents keep up to date with the latest after-hours clubs, adult entertainment, and pop culture happenings by reading The Stranger, a free alternative publication available in coffeehouses around the city. "The Stranger Guide to Seattle: The City's Smartest, Pickiest, Most Obsessive Urban Manual" retains all the weekly paper's irreverence as it acquaints you with the city's quirky, independent side.
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