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Pacific Northwest Travel Guide - Vacation Ideas for Washington, Oregon, & Alaska


The Pacific Northwest states of Alaska, Oregon, and Washington are diverse and interesting. Both Oregon and Washington include markedly different regions, both wet and dry. Rugged beaches, scenic waterways, lush forests, and charming wildlife characterize the landscapes west of the Cascade Mountain Range and closest to the Pacific Ocean. East of the Cascades you'll find orchards, vineyards, and ranches, distinctive geology, and an Old West vibe. Alaska's ecosystems, from the rainforests and waterways of the Inside Passage to the taiga and tundra of the interior, are fascinating places to travel and learn. The history and culture of the Pacific Northwest is unique and colorful, the result of life in a region that has been hard to reach while being abundant in natural resources. All of these things make the Pacific Northwest a fun and memorable region to explore and experience on a short getaway or an extended vacation.
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Alaska Travel

Skagway Alaska

From the rain forests and fjords of the Inside Passage area to the arid tundra of the north, the Pacific Northwest state of Alaska offers a variety of fun and interesting experiences for visitors.

Oregon Travel

Smith Rock State Park

From the rugged Oregon Coast to the food and culture of Portland, Oregon has something for every taste. Other travel highlights in this Pacific Northwest state include Willamette Valley wine country, the Columbia River Gorge, and the geologic wonders of Central Oregon.

Eastern Washington State Travel

Great Northern Clock Tower in Spokane's Riverfront Park

The lands on the east side of Washington's Cascade Mountain Range are much drier and sunnier than the west side, with hot summers and cold snowy winters. Yet there's a wealth of watery playgrounds, from huge Lake Chelan and Lake Roosevelt to the Wenatchee, Spokane, and Columbia Rivers, perfect for boating, skiing, and fishing.

Western Washington State Travel

The Space Needle and Seattle Center

The lush green forests of the Olympic Peninsula and the arts and culture of the Seattle metro area are just some of the reasons to plan travel to the west side of Washington State. Equally wonderful are the charming rural communities on the San Juan Islands, the fertile lands of Skagit and Whatcom counties,and the coastal communities facing the Pacific Ocean.

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