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Bainbridge Island Trip Planner


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Dining on Bainbridge Island
Harbor Public House on Bainbridge Island

Harbor Public House, a restaurant and pub overlooking Eagle Harbor, is a favorite with Bainbridge Island locals.

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Pegasus Coffee House
131 Parfitt Way SW
In addition to the usual pastries and coffee drinks, Pegasus serves up delicious breakfast and lunch panini. Highly recommended.

Restaurant Marche
150 Madrone Lane
Acclaimed Northwest cuisine expert Greg Atkinson serves updated bistro menu items made for locally sourced meats, cheeses, produce, and other ingredients.

Mora Iced Creamery
12685 Miller Rd NE
Mora makes and serves extremely tasty ice cream in a variety of flavors, from basic to creative. The chocolate peanut butter ice cream I tasted was smooth and decadent.

Treehouse Café
4569 Lynwood Center Rd.
This casual, pub-style café is located along Pleasant Beach. In addition to traditional favorites, their menu includes Greek, Thai, and other creative variations on salads, sandwiches, and pizzas. Wine and draft and bottled beer are also available.

Harbor Public House
233 Parfitt Way SW
This small pub, which serves up yummy pub food and draft beers, overlooks Eagle Harbor Marina.

Streamliner Diner
397 Winslow Way East
Streamliner Diner is popular for its breakfasts, particularly for its biscuits, jam, and muffins. They are also open for lunch and dinner (some nights only).

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