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San Juan Island Travel Planner


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Local Attractions on San Juan Island
Spring Street and the Ferry dock in Friday Harbor

Spring Street and the Ferry dock in Friday Harbor

Credit: P. L. Morningstar, courtesy of OrcaCam.com
There are over 450 islands in the San Juan archipelago, occupying the waters of the Puget Sound and the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Georgia. Of the 172 that are part of the state of Washington, San Juan Island has the only incorporated city, Friday Harbor. Accessible by water or air, San Juan Island provides its visitors a tempting mix of majestic scenery, rural charm, resort amenities, and thrilling outdoor adventure.

In addition to wildlife viewing, outdoor recreation, and Friday Harbor shopping and dining, San Juan Island visitors can choose from a number of interesting attractions.

Whale Museum
Spend an afternoon at the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor and learn about the social and matriarchal orcas, as well as other whales and marine mammals of the region. Exhibits tell the story of the three orcas "pods" who live in the area, including their genealogy and identifying traits. You can also learn how to "adopt" a whale, listen to whale song, and take in a video presentation. Find a San Juan Island souvenir at The Whale Museum Store, which offers apparel, books, art, CDs, videos, and educational items.

San Juan Historical Museum
Located on a 100-year-old homestead in Friday Harbor, the San Juan Historic Museum features exhibits and information related to the pioneer and military history of the island. Museum buildings include the original farmhouse, the first county jail, a log cabin, barn, milk house, and a carriage house.

Pelindaba Lavender Farm
This 20-acre San Juan Island lavender farm bursts into bloom from late July to late September. Their retail outlet, located in an old house on the property, offers such lavender products as honey, soap, eye pillows, potpourri, and dry lavender bouquets. They also conduct docent tours so that visitors can see the inner workings of a lavender farm.

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