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Road Conditions in Washington State

Travel Impacts Including Traffic, Construction, and Weather


I-5 Flooding in 2007

I-5 Flooding in 2007

(Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)
Whether you're traveling on Washington's urban arterials, the highways, or the backroads, it's a good idea to find out about road conditions before you head out. Any number of things can go wrong and mess with the flow of traffic, and they usually do. In the warmer months it can be construction, rock slides, or forest fires. Winter brings icy mountain passes, flooded valleys, mud slides, and avalanches. Any time of year it could be a big concert or sporting event, or an accident or crime scene that impacts transportation on Washington roads.

Here are some resources to help you learn about the latest road conditions in Washington state:

Alerts and News for Washington Roads

  • Travel Alerts and Slowdowns
    Organized by location, highway, and impact level, this WSDOT travel alert web page provides the latest information about anything related to roads and traffic flow in Washington.
  • King County Road Alerts
    Up-to-date information about anything that might close or restrict King County roads and bridges.

Construction on Washington Roads

Mountain Passes in Washington

  • WSDOT Mountain Pass Reports
    Click on the interactive map to get current pass reports, web cam views, weather conditions, and information about any restrictions. You also find information about mountain pass closure and opening dates, snow accumulation, and avalanche dangers.
  • Avalanche Forecasts
    The Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center provides the latest information about snow accumulations and avalanche dangers along Washington's mountain roads and highways.

Traffic Conditions in Washington State

  • Statewide Traffic Cameras
    A detailed list of all the traffic cams in the state, listed by freeway, highway, road, or intersection. Small town cams are also included.
  • Seattle Area Traffic
    WSDOT's color-codes, real-time map lets you know how traffic is currently flowing throughout the Seattle region. Clickable camera icons allow you to get current web cam views.
  • King County Traffic Cams
    Live web cam views of key roads and intersections throughout Seattle and King County.
  • Canadian Border Traffic and Wait Times
    Current northbound wait times and traffic flow, including web cam views, are provided for the Canadian border crossings at the Northwest corner of Washington state.

Bottom line: Know before you go! You'll save yourself a lot of potential stress and your trip will be that much more enjoyable.

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