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Weather in the Northwest US

Current weather conditions, forecasts and seasonal statistics for the Northwest, including Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.
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  2. Idaho Weather (5)
  3. Montana Weather (5)
  4. Oregon Weather (8)
  5. Washington Weather (8)
  6. Wyoming Weather (7)

Compare US Cities Annual Precipitation and Snowfall - Chart Format
A bar chart comparing the annual precipitation and snowfall of cities across the United States.

Fight the Winter Blues
Information to help you fight off the winter blues, a common malady when the skies over the Pacific Northwest remain gray for a length of time.

Pacific Northwest Weather Terms
Find out the definition of weather terms that are commonly heard on Pacific Northwest reports and forecasts.

Wildfires and You: Current Conditions & Restrictions
Wildfire information for the Northwestern United States, including current conditions and how to prepare.

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
Cliff Mass, a professor at the University of Washington, is a well-known expert on the weather of the Pacific Northwest region and always has something interesting to say about the current conditions as well as forecasts.

Climate of 100 Selected US Cities
Average monthly temperature, precipitation, and snowfall for cities including Billings, Boise, Helena, Olympia, Seattle, and Portland.

Long-term Weather for Coastal Region
The Farmer's Almanac's general predictions for the western regions of Washington and Oregon, through the coming year.

Long-term Weather for Mountain Region
The Farmer's Almanac's general predictions for Eastern Washington and Oregon, the state of Idaho, and Western Montana, addressing expected temperatures and precipition in the coming seasons.

Northwest Weather & Avalanche Center
Detailed avalanche condition reporting for Washington State and Northern Oregon.

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