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Weather in Washington State

Weather information for the state of Washington, including current conditions, forecasts, and annual statistics.

Washington State Climate Data
Climate data for locations around Washington State, including monthly average temperatures and precipitation.

Seattle Climate Data
A table listing Seattle's average high and low temperatures and precipitation for each month of the year.

Current conditions and local forecasts presented in a colorful format.

Spokane Weather
Current conditions, satellite and radar maps, and forecast for the city of Spokane.

Tri-Cities Weather
Current conditions, weather almanac, and forecast information presented by the Tri-City Herald.

Vancouver Weather
Weather information for Vancouver, Washington, including current conditions and 5-day forecast.

Washington State Weather Roundup
Current weather data from the National Weather Service for regions and cities in Washington.

Yakima Weather
Detailed weather information for the Yakima Valley, from the Yakima Herald-Republic and Accuweather.com.

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