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Fun Things to Do in Laramie, Wyoming

Recommended Attractions and Activities in Laramie


Located on the high plains between the Snowy and the Laramie Mountain Ranges, Laramie sprang to life with the establishment of the transcontinental railroad in the 1860s. The town's Old West heritage can be seen in its charming downtown and experienced at a variety of local attractions, including the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site and the Laramie Plains Museum.

Here are my recommendations for fun things to see and do while visiting Laramie, Wyoming:

Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site

Established in 1872, when Wyoming was still a US territory, this prison has housed such famous "Old West" criminals at Butch Cassidy. Today, visitors to this historic site can enjoy a walking tour of the complex, taking in various exhibits in buildings that include the Broom Factory, the Warden's House, and the Horse Barn.

Laramie Plains Museum

Located in the grand and historic Ivinson Mansion, the Laramie Plains Museum showcases items collected locally. Built in 1892, the mansion was the home of prominent Wyoming businessman Edward Ivinson and his family for many decades. Later, it served as a home for schoolgirls. It is now open for tours and has space available for special events. The mansion has been restored and its rooms are now filled with items that illustrate life in Wyoming's early settlement years. You'll see lavishly decorated living areas and bedrooms and the more humble, but still fascinating, domestic work spaces.

Curt Gowdy State Park

Located just east of Laramie, Curt Gowdy State Park has a lot to offer whether you're a day visitor or plan to camp overnight. The park's three reservoirs are all popular for fishing, both from the shore and from a boat. Miles of hiking, biking, and horse riding trails pass through the park's varied terrain, along the lake shores and up and down hills. There are areas designated for mountain bike play, outdoor archery, horse camping, and wildlife watching.

The American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming

Located in a distinctive teepee-shaped structure, the UW's American Heritage Center collects and preserves historic documents, maps, and photographs. While the facility serves scholars and researchers, it does have some exhibits available to the general public. This includes paintings by such prominent Western artists as Henry Farnys and Frederic Remington.

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